Thursday, July 24, 2008

So...This is What They Call Morning Sickness

I know I have a "to be continued" story just hanging out on the line, but I have been feeling super pukey these last few days. And it's not just my blogging that's been ignored. Let's see, add to that list cooking, housekeeping, children's hygiene, my own's ugly around here, folks.

Oh, and here's the good news, we're getting ready to head out on a camping trip because we promised our kids months ago that we would go camping this summer. By the way, when I say we are getting ready, of course I mostly mean it's Thomas (a.k.a. my hero) getting us ready because I keep having to sit down or lie down. I did do the laundry, so I will take some credit, but mostly it's him packing us up 'cause I feel pukey. Did I mention that? And did I mention that we're going camping and that I feel pukey.

Pray for me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Real Life Story from a Bad Mom

Look, before I tell this story, I will go ahead and say it: Yes. I am a bad mom. I know it. There. Now we won't have to pretend to ignore the elephant in this slice of life piece.

This is how it all started: Griffin had to get the rest of his immunizations for school. And I don't know about you, but for me the whole shot record stuff is a lot like routine car maintenance. I want desperately to be better about it. I know it's important, but my brain does not hold onto all those details stretched out over months and years, especially stuff I don't understand. I know as much about the HepB vaccination as I do a carburetor. And yeah, I could learn it, but come on; isn't that why I hire a pediatrician and a mechanic? So I don't have to learn stuff I'm not really interested in? (Bad mom points: 2)

Here's what I do know: (Let's break it down into an easy math formula, shall we?)

The medical community says you need to get your kids immunized.

- Others say immunization is linked to autism and you shouldn't immunize.

+ However, a kid can't get into school without being immunized.

+ There is no way in hell I am homeschooling. (Bad mom points: 1)
= Therefore my kids will be immunized.

That's all I need to understand really. Well...that and the whole timeline/schedule of vaccinations thingy. I'm not so good at that. (Bad mom points: 3)

But I will say in my defense that my kids are amazingly healthy. Griff has taken an antibiotic only once in his life. We never have to go to the doctor. (Okay--everybody together now. Start knocking on wood!) And I mean never, so maybe that's why doctor visits are not on the tip of my brain all the time.

Anyway, the point is Griffin was behind a little. I knew it. In fact, I was pretty sure we had missed his wellness check the year before. (Bad mom points: 2) And now I had waited until so late in the summer that getting him in to see the doctor before school started just wasn't going to happen. (Bad mom points: 1) One may assume we were in a terrible bind here, but the truth is, while I may be a bad mom, I am, however, a resourceful one. I just happen to know of a little place called the free county immunization clinic. Granted it is located in sketchy-ville, but at this point what do we care?

"Get in the car, kids! We're going on a field trip." I load 'em up, grab his shot records, (See? At least I know where they are.) and head out. That's when the real fun begins.

To be continued...

And if you're keeping track my bad mom score is 9. I may have to give my kids back.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Update

We found out today that there is just one healthy little baby in that tummy of mine! (Let's all breathe a giant sigh of relief, shall we?) Mr. Wicke may be just a teensy bit disappointed since he had come to terms with the possibility of twins, but I think that is only because he isn't the one to have to be home with them all day.

As for me, I am happy to feel sure that I can do one baby because I have done that two times before and kept them alive and everything! Plus I still feel badly that we missed most of Griffin's babyhood. I mean we were here for it; we lived through it, but we also had a 22 month old and were in the middle of moving. Things were so hectic at the time that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wish I would have, which is one of the reasons why the idea of having another baby was so inviting. I really want to savor it this time around, and two or more would make that ever so much more difficult, wouldn't it?

Consequently, I for one, am feeling very light and relieved, and mostly grateful that everything looks good so far. The baby is sitting right where it is supposed to be, a great relief since I had nearly convinced myself that I was having an ectopic pregnancy. (I am not going to read those pregnancy books anymore!) And we even got to see its little heart beating a good strong beat. Griffin was sure it looked like a boy, which was very insightful since it is only about 1/2 millimeter in size, but despite his expertise I think we shall still consult a sonogram in about seven or eight weeks. Either way, one of our children will be disappointed. Logan has her heart set on a girl, and, well, as I just pointed out, Griffin has already come to his own conclusion.

I am just happy that we are all enjoying this adventure so far, and send up a prayer daily that things continue to go well. One thing I've learned: There really is no difference between adopting and actually giving birth. No matter how they come, you love them from the moment you hear about them, and you worry from that time on. Motherhood is quite an adventure.

Friday, July 11, 2008

There are Some Things You Wish You'd Never Seen

Over the July 4th weekend I saw something that has been haunting me ever since. Literally. Haunting me: I dream about it, I keeping thinking about it. It was so horrifying it has actually changed my behavior, and that is no small task.

What in the world was it, you may be asking. Well, folks, it was a little BBC program called "Britain's Worst Teeth." I know. You probably think I'm overreacting, but even typing the title makes my stomach turn. I'm not kidding.

I really don't think you can imagine just how revolting this program was. I didn't. See, it all started out like this kind of funny little thing. Our friends happened to mention, "The other night we taped this show called Britain's Worst Teeth. You have got to see it!"

"They did an entire show about Britain's teeth? What's going on over there? Hahahaha..."

I mean, I've heard some jokes about the Brits, and I thought we were going to be looking at some jacked up mouths that needed braces or something, but I had no idea. I couldn't fathom the true offensiveness of this program. I didn't understand that I would be able to actually view only half of the show because during the other half I would have to close my eyes. Tightly. I also didn't know how badly I would want to rid my brain of the images I did see. Like this one:

Sorry. But I had to make you understand. Now, times that by 60 minutes and three other mouths.

Don't think I haven't been brushing and flossing like a maniac. My teeth have never been cleaner.

But here's the best part, our kids saw it, too. It's the best cavity prevention program out there. If it weren't for the emotional skid mark it left on my psyche, I'd suggest you watch it today. As it is, I'll just warn you. View at your own peril.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Wants a Book?

I have been internetless these last couple of days. It may be possible that my computer is allergic to my father-in-law. I have that effect on some digital watches. They just quit working when on my body. But, anyway, thanks to a very smart technogeek, who was totally worth his fee per hour, I am back online.

Now, remember how I told you about one of my favorite happy places, The Half-Price Bookstore? And remember how I told you about my summer reading list? Well, the other day, as I was ready to embark on The Scarlett Letter, I could not find it anywhere! I looked and I looked, but alas I had to finally conclude that it was gone. It's been known to happen around here. I lose a lot of books, sheetmusic, and pie tins. Go figure.

Anyway...stay with me, this is all going to come together. So I went to The Half-Price Bookstore and picked up a nice hardcover copy of The Scarlet Letter for a mere $7.00, and only upon returning home and placing my newly purchased books on my bookshelves did I discover my old copy which apparently had been sitting there the whole time. Don't ya' hate when that happens?

But let's turn my loss into your gain, shall we? If you would like me to send you my newly purchased copy of The Scarlet Letter, drop me a comment, and I'll send it your way. I just started it and am loving reading it as an adult. So much drama in just the opening chapters! I mean there she is standing on the platform of shame clutching a baby born out of an adulterous affair, being harassed for the name of the father in front of the entire community, and then appears at the back of the crowd but her husband, long thought dead. And I won't even start on Rev. Dimmsdale. Goodness! Mr. Hawthorne spun quite a yarn, didn't he?

And to my mother, who can not figure out how to leave a comment, you can call me. (Love you a lot, Mom!) If there is more than one person out there who wants it, we'll have a drawing. My kids love a good drawing.

Happy reading everyone!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Favorite Place

Last week the kids and I went to one of my out of the way favorite places: The Half-Price Bookstore in Mesa. Every time I go in there it is like a first date. Well, maybe a cheap first date, but I can't deny that my heart beats a little faster just looking at shelf after shelf of alphabetized books. It's a sense of adventure, not knowing what I may find since the selection is different every week. My advice is to not go with your heart set on any particular purchase. Just go in open to whatever the universe is wanting to give you.

Currently I am carrying around the list of the books so many of you were kind enough to suggest for my reading pleasure. Everytime I go in I check to see if any are there. Last time around I had no luck in that department, but here's what I did bring home:

1. Vintage Nancy Drew mysteries #1-3 (all hardcover).

2. Charlotte's Web (hardcover) Logan chose this one saying, "This is a good book. It's classic." I'm so proud.

3. Back When We Were Grownups by one of my favorite authors, Anne Tyler (hardcover).

4. Another copy of Peace Like a River because I keep giving it away. It's that good.

5. Some weird vintage children's book that Griffin chose. I can't account for his taste.

6. From the $1.00 rolling cart, A is for Alibi. I've never read any of this Sue Grafton series, but I thought if I was going to try it I might as well start with A. I mean, what? She's up to like T now, right? Maybe she's on to something after all. Besides, you just can't leave without trying to buy a hardcover for a buck! I have a real thing for hardcover books.

And...(drumroll please)...all this happiness for a grand total of about $25.00! No wonder I have a love affair with the Half Price Bookstore. Can you blame me?

Where is your happy place?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

People are so Darn Nice!

A huge thank you to everyone who has sent congratulations our way. Your kindness overwhelms me! We are getting over the initial bewilderment and it's becoming more real every day. It has been fun to celebrate via blog comments, phone calls, and emails. We feel so supported and loved. It's nice to know there are good people we can count on.

What I did not count on, though, is the bone-numbing fatigue that I'm feeling. The kind of tired that makes mopping the floors seem like a herculean task. The kind of tired that makes my kids say, "Why are you closing your eyes again?"

I also didn't count on my pants being so snug already. Is that normal??? I had to get dressed for a wedding reception last night and it was, shall we say, enlightening. Oh, dear.

Nonetheless, we are looking forward to a happy crowd tomorrow for breakfast. Viva la Freedom, and Happy Fourth of July! Come if you are willing to celebrate and overlook some mild clutter.

Who knew cooking a baby could be so exhausting!?

P.S. Next week I will find something else to talk about, I promise.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Big News and an Invitation

Here it is: We are pregnant!

Yesterday I got the results from the official bloodtest, and it is positive. We indeed are set to add to our happy brood. Now we just have to wait to find out how many. Yikes!

I took two over the counter pregnancy tests on Friday. Both came out positive, which was a total shock to my system. I had myself completely convinced that it would be negative, not wanting to be hopeful. Disappointment I've learned to deal with. Hope is the bugger. So anyway, I was hesitant to believe the first one. And to tell you the truth, I was kind of hesitant to believe the second one.

Yesterday, as I was buying popcorn and sodas at the summer kid's movie, I got a call from the doctor's office. Cell phones are great, but because of them we also conduct the most private and important business in the most awkward places! Anyway she said, "Well, your number is 615."

"Umm...what does that mean?" For a moment I thought she was giving me yet another case/lab number.

"Well," she continued with a giggle in her voice, "we usually look for a hormone level of 50 or above, and you are at 615."

"Ooookkkaaayyy....does that mean there is a possibility of multiples?"

And that is the question that is cooking in my brain. We should find out in the next couple of weeks. "Dear Lord. I don't want to be greedy. Save the triplets for someone else, PLEASE!"

And now for the invitation:

Mr. Wicke and I are holding our 4th annual July 4th Pancake Breakfast. We'll open the doors at 8:30 and will cook for our friends until 10:30, so come and enjoy! We'd love to see you!