Monday, April 30, 2007

My Most Recent Party

My party planning has in the past couple of years expanded beyond the walls of our own home. A year and a half ago I was appointed to our HOA committee and given the responsibility of social committee chair, which basically means I am in charge of giving our community of 940 homes a couple of big parties a year. On Saturday we had our second annual Spring Fling which is a potluck picnic where the HOA provides hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and drinks and everyone else brings a dish to share. This year also included a giant waterslide, a basketball shootout, a bake-off and kid's races. It was well attended, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Here are some pictures:

Logan is clearly excited! She won 2 blue ribbons and was over the moon. Her best pal Emily is on the right and her friend Nathan is to the left.

My friends Shilo and Ruth.

The Food Line

Griffin and Tyler ran wild all night and had a blast.

The waterslide was a big hit with the kids.

Here's me and Logan competing in the Mommy&Daughter race.

(There are no pictures of Daddy because he was holding the camera through the whole thing.)

But what made the event's success even more compelling was that we withstood a dust and rain storm right before it was supposed to begin. Since our Fall Festival was rained out, I was really in a panic. I wasn't sure what I had done to offend the heavens, but I was ready to take it back-- all of it, whatever it was. We have sunshine almost every day of the year! Except, of course, when I hold an outdoor event. What made it even more of a bag-over-the-head-punch-in-the-face was that it was 96 degrees and sunny until 2:30. Then this rolled in within 20 minutes:

What you can't see very well is that we were literally holding the tent down as they had not yet weighted it before the storm hit. We were spitting dirt; so nasty. We did outlast it though, and the rest went off without a hitch.

I do have to give a huge amount of credit to Thomas, who seems to anticipate my every need. He is, was, and always will be my right hand man, the guy I lean on. When things get really hectic and crazy, he is the one that holds things together. How did I get so lucky?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dark Comedy

I must share Griffin's most recent tragedy...or is it comedy? You decide.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen--I'm always in the kitchen it seems--and Griffin runs through saying, "I have to go potty." Which is a big thing in our family as he is not always a hundred percent. In fact, his average is relatively low. So I give him the, "Good boy! Good job!" And off he goes.

The next thing I know there is a large crash and instantaneous blood-curdeling screaming--the kind where a mom knows right away that someone is really hurt this time. "What in the world?!" I meet him coming around the corner. He is crying so hard he can hardly breathe let alone talk, but he is holding his head, so I ask, "Did you hit your head?"

He nods.

The only thing I can fathom at this point is that he maybe could have fallen off the toilet, but what was the crashing sound? Time to investigate. I pick him up and walk toward the bathroom. It is suddenly clear what has happened. There is an overturned bucket that he must have brought in from the laundry room.

"Were you standing on the bucket?"

More nodding and crying.

Well, at least the mystery is solved, but wait, what is that on the ledge of the sink? Is that what I think it is? Poop? On the sink? What the...

"Griff! Why is there poop on the sink?"

Still crying.

"Let me look at your hands." He has been known to try modern art. I will say no more on that topic.

Nothing on his hands. Suddenly I'm like Sherlock Holmes. other sign of it anywhere...these pieces must fit together somehow, if only I can puzzle it out.

"Griff, did you put the bucket on the stool?"

"Yes, I was trying to see my poop."

Oh, right! Of course. Why couldn't I figure that out from the get go?

"Well, that is not only gross but quite clearly a safety hazard. Let's not do that again."

So readers I ask you, comedy or tragedy? I am undecided.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Fine Print in the Job Description

Today I am wondering how old my children will be before they will consistently flush the toilet?

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Just our Nature

I am joining all my blogger friends. What a great way to stay connected!

So the most recent is that I'm trying to work out and get in shape. Argggh! I HATE it! I'm tired, sore, my head hurts, and I really want some chocolate. Everyone says that if I exercise long enough I'll get to where I really like it. I'm sure that is not true for me. I am a Libra. Not that I know what that means really, but I read once that we prefer lounging. Now that IS true for me. As soon as I can fit comfortably in my jeans again, I can not promise that I will continue. I'd like to believe I will...but I just don't think it's really my lifestyle. I'd like it to be, just like I'd like to be a morning person...there are just some things that go against my nature.

Hmm...that would be interesting. A list of things that go against my nature. Okay, I'm just making this up. Let's see.
1. Early mornings
2. Life without tv
3. Life without books
4. Bad food
5. Running
6. Not getting anything done
7. Indecisiveness
8. Anything taken too seriously
9. Ignorance
10. Ugly behavior
11. Ugly interiors
12. Ugly clothes

I want to see your lists. That was kind of fun.

Logan just had her first dance recital on Wednesday night. When she was done she got in the car and said, "I'm a talented dancer." I love self-confidence! Today she informed me that she is done taking ballet because she, "...already learned that." After 4 months she can check that off her list. World class ballerina? Check. Moving on! I guess that's just her nature.

As for Griffin, he's just terribly busy getting into trouble. He can't seem to learn the simple rule that if it is not yours don't touch it. He is a whirlwind of busy-ness and active energy. This about sums it up:

But I do have to give him credit. He was a terrific shopping partner yesterday. He even learned to say, "This is sooo cute!" Thomas hopes that is not in his nature.

Thomas is very busy with work and finishing that Ph.D. Yes, he's still working on it. But it should be done this fall...can't wait! It will be a good break for him. I say break because I'm sure he'll find some activity or cause or 4th job to fill his time. It's just his nature. Here are a couple of pictures from his latest project, MVP Gift Bag. This was his first big order, and as you can see it was a family affair. It also took up most of our living room for just a short spell. I didn't like that part much. What can I say: That's just MY nature. (I think I mentioned ugly interiors in the list above.)

After writing the above, it occurs to me that all of us come to the earth with a built in disposition. We spend our time here trying to refine it, but the essence of who we are really are doesn't change drastically, does it? I don't know, but if that is the case then I'm lucky to be surrounded by a family of people whose natures I really get a kick out of.