Monday, July 26, 2010

Discoveries in San Diego

at Coronado

some things I learned/relearned about this kid:

he is a great traveler
he is curious
he will watch the same movie 13 times in a row
asking him not to spill is like asking the wind not to blow
he wants to know just about everything
he wants to tell anyone what he knows
he may be a little nervous at first, but once he gets the hang of it he's pretty fearless
he has no concept of time
he has no concept of money
he'll get grouchy before he realizes he's hungry
he loves crepes
he has a big heart
he loves me
and I really, really love him.

Feeding the bat rays at Sea World.  We spent two hours with them.  Not kidding.

More bat rays.

We're still there and still loving it!

Watching the polar bears.

In front of the USS Midway.

He loved the self-guided tour of the aircraft carrier.

More careful listening.

He was fascinated with the airplanes.  Grandpa Wicke (Col. USAF Ret.)  may have a pilot on his hands!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 at Noon

How does anyone write anything in the summer?  I can't seem to anyway.  Life is far too hectic, so here are 12 facts:

1.  My Mr. turned 40 last weekend.  He is a rather shy guy, so we had a very tiny party that was big fun.

2.  We returned to the cabin of spring break.  This time I drugged the kids with dramamine--even the baby.  Judge if you will, but read about our last trip first.  Maybe then you'll understand.  P.S. This time it was a heavenly quiet trip. (cue angels singing)

3.  Logan left for Alaska on Sunday to visit her aunt, uncle and cousins there.  She is doing fine.  I, however, miss her terribly.

4.  Tomorrow Griffin and I leave for a quick trip to San Diego.  We plan to go to Sea World, and then do whatever he wants.

5.  Baby naps are really interferring with our schedules around here.  Baby messes and baby tantrums are also holding things up.  18-24 months is not an easy age for me.  But I do love the baby snuggles and baby kisses.  Oh, and the baby babbling.  I have great fondness for baby babbling.

6.  Because baby doesn't travel that well, I can not take the kids to Wyoming this summer.  It makes me sad.

7.  It is supposed to be 117 degrees here on Thursday.  Can you believe that?  I'm so glad I won't be here.

8.  Last night my neighbor handed me a bucketful of green apples over the back fence.  They reminded me of my childhood and my grandma's apple tree.  I am now determined to plant my own.

9.  We didn't put a garden in this summer.  (See #5)  I miss fresh tomatoes badly.

10.  I need to tell you about canning meat.  It sounds nuts, but it has been a lifesaver this summer when it comes to making dinner on the spur of the moment.

11.  I am reading Innocent Traitor, a historical novel about Lady Jane Grey, and I am reminded that I am so glad I wasn't born to English aristocracy during that time period.  Or English peasantry in that time period either, of course.

12.  All this talk of Mel Gibson makes me remember that one summer while touring through Iowa we went to a Mel Gibson movie, and when we came out there were all these policemen everywhere, lights blaring.  I thought maybe it was some publicity stunt or something.  Turns out that while we were in watching the movie, the theater had been robbed and all the staff had been locked in a closet.  Weird...but not as weird as these ranting messages.