Monday, February 14, 2011

On Kissing

I know.
I know.

I promised a story about my Christmas angel today.  It is still unwritten.  Or rather only written in my heart because instead I am busy putting Valentine scrapbook packets together for the 3rd grade party.  And this weekend we have been busy rehearsing The 10 Virgins which I am acting in; oh, and Mr. Wicke and I had a hot date on Friday night, so I had to get my nails and toes done--in red, of course--'cause you have to look good for your Mr.

So, despite my best efforts, I haven't had time to sit down and write.

in the little time I do have, I will just say, on this Valentine's Day, that I want to be kissed like this:

"The Most Iconic Kisses of All Time" // Sailor kissing nurse in the street when WWII ends // Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt /Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt /Time; Life Pictures/Getty Images/Time

I think every girl, at least once in her life, wants to be kissed like this.  No wonder this kissing couple is famous.  He seems absolutely overcome and she a bit taken by surprised.  Look at that hand on her waist, that arm wrapped around her back.  Wowsy.  The testosterone makes me a little dizzy even from this distance.  That's some good kissing.

Are you listening, Mr. Wicke? 
When you get home, we can give it a try in our driveway. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Am Not Dead

The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.  Actually, I've been doing the opposite of dying.  I've been living, and so busily, too.  Here's what I've been up to.

1) My mom came to stay for three weeks.  'Nuff said.
2) I drove to Utah for a wedding.  Super fast trip.
3) I brought home the flu/cold as a souvenir.  I don't suggest it.
4) My brother and sister in law came for a visit from Alaska.  As it turns out this family loves to party.  Family get-togethers many nights in a row makes Laurel a very tired girl.
5) Somehow I got on a Senior's Match email list.  No.  I am not interested in dating anyone over 55.

That last one didn't take up a lot of my time in the last month and a half, but it is disturbing so I thought I would mention it.

And on Monday I'm finally going to post a story about my Christmas Angel.  Do you mind reading about Christmas in February?